Thank you for all your invaluable help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a wonderful tutor. She has thoroughly enjoyed working with you and you have transferred your warmth and confidence to her.

UK Mother

She always emerged from her room glowing and ready to get going again, after one of your calls! What a relief for us!


This has made me confident in my choices and therefore, more active and assertive in the demanding college application process. She has been, for me, a pillar of support and guidance.

Paris, France

By virtue of our advanced degrees, we thought initially that we were qualified to guide our daughter through the college admission process. In short, we were wrong.


We quickly realized that the process especially for students attending high schools outside of the United States was too complex to manage without support.


First of all, I wanted to thank you for being always so patient, attentive, responsive, available and TRULY genuinely kind, yet always challenging.


Though I finished each and every mail thanking you, I hereby wish to thank you wholeheartedly for your very precious, sensible, active, patient help and support to our son and us. This project wouldn't have been possible without you. Holding our six hands through this "jungle" was essential to us!

Charenton, France

I attended your presentation last night and really enjoyed it. Your mastery of the subject matter is very comforting. It's nice to know we have a real pro to guide us through this. You are a real asset.

Florida Father

I attended your athlete seminar last night. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the information and complimenting you on the presentation. It was very well done.

NJ Father

Not only has she provided valuable information and tips at just the right moments, she knows how to listen and respond, and has helped me discover who I am.

Paris, France

I also really admired how you worked with him on his writing. You did a masterful job brainstorming his topics and teasing out the important parts of his story. I liked the way that you guided him while still making sure that the writing was his own. Thank you!

Hawaii, USA

Krista is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable. My husband and I had no experience in this matter, we both grew up abroad, so thanks to Krista our child got admitted to USC and we will be forever grateful to her. I would highly recommend her to any family who needs help with getting their kids into college.

Parent, New Jersey
Krista quickly connected with our son in way that any kid would consider “cool.” That single, first conversation set the entire tone for our son’s approach to boarding school. Her ability to understand his issues, feelings and hopes was what made her recommendations so meaningful.
Boarding school has changed the trajectory of our son’s life. We owe this, in no small part, to Krista.
Parent, California

When our family began considering boarding school, it was completely new territory for us. In a short period of time, Krista got to know our daughter well and deftly helped us sort through it all. Thanks to Krista, our daughter is now thriving in the perfect environment for her and we couldn't be more grateful.

Parent, New York City

In short, this has been a terrific decision to work with Krista and I cannot imagine going through this process without her. To say that Krista has a wealth of information regarding boarding schools would be an understatement. Boarding schools are literally part of her family’s fiber and it is such an asset to be able to work with her.

Parent, Texas

I think it is worth sharing that EVERY time my wife and I conclude our meetings with Krista we both look at each other and smile. There is a sense of calm and confidence that she has that makes us feel that things are going to work out and be fine. And that means a lot.

Parent, Texas

Andrea, you set him up to have a successful college application process by making sure he was thoughtful in his approach to picking colleges that fit him, and saw to every detail. The fact that he was accepted is just the culmination of all the hard work you inspired him to complete - thoroughly and thoughtfully. Thank you for being his sounding board, his guide and his inspiration throughout the entire college application process.

California, USA

I especially enjoyed working with you during the editing process. I think my writing improved immensely. I now think, ‘What is the best way to say this?’ and I rework each sentence to achieve a specific goal.


Rhode Island, USA

We are based abroad, and the idea of sending our son to school in the States seemed like a faraway dream until we contacted College Goals.

Paris, France

Your knowledge and experience were of infinite help, while your personality and kindness were incredibly comforting at times in this long marathon.


Your help with my essays was invaluable, I honestly don't think I could have written them without such constructive criticism and support.


College Goals has been an invaluable asset to our family, and the attentiveness and responsiveness to our every question and concern has been lifesaving during this stressful period.


As parents, we felt our son was being guided through the maze by someone with a huge amount of experience and, equally as important, a great understanding of teenagers.


Now, we are all set to go with early decision acceptance at her #1 school of choice and have you to thank for making the process a success as well as enjoyable.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for taking such care in working with our daughter during this most important and critical step into her future….


We really appreciated your professionalism and yet, your ability to build this personal bond, you being so part of our lives for the past few months, so supportive and encouraging throughout the process.


He took ownership of this process and reacted with maturity, enjoying talking to you and taking your advice.


You have treated my son as a grown up and it was also an experience for us to see how well you interacted directly with him, making him blossom while managing the parents’ anxiety...(us....).


Having had an older daughter who already applied to university, I thought I knew quite a bit about applying to universities and was astonished at how much insight you were able to provide.


The two of them built a relationship through emails and Skype, and when they did eventually meet in person they were like old friends!


My daughter's college is an ideal fit for her. She's just so happy. So thank you very much for all your help, guidance, wisdom and coaching through the process with her. We were so happy to work with you.


We found communicating via phone, Skype, and email with [her] very convenient, and she was always very prompt in her replies. Her encouragement and cheerful and upbeat attitude helped to make a very stressful time less so.

Oregon, USA

Can I just take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me, both with my supplements and all of the other outside guidance you have given me. I couldn’t have gone through this process without you.

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