You will benefit from the collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom gained from professionals who are familiar with every aspect of the admissions process and its significance for personal as well as academic success. While you work with one of us, our team confers regularly about information that can benefit our students.

We help our students discover and develop their gifts and strengths, identify schools that fit each student’s abilities and goals, then guide students as they create their applications highlighting that ‘fit’ to the appropriate institutions. Your College Goals counselor understands the goals of selective schools, colleges, and universities as they search for the most compelling mix of students for their admitted class.


  • Expertise for American and international families regarding U.S. and international English-medium university admission, and secondary school placement
  • Team of highly-experienced professionals
  • Founded in 2003


  • Each student works exclusively with a single counselor
  • Each counselor has a limited student roster
  • Patience, good humor, warm support and maximum flexibility are our hallmarks


  • We work with American and international students seeking entrance to outstanding and appropriate universities
  • We also guide families through selecting and applying to the most appropriate selective boarding school or day school for their student
  • We advise STEM, humanities, social science, and arts applicants
  • We counsel student-athletes pursuing recruitment
  • We assist students and families with alternative educational interests and backgrounds

Whether your interest is in neuroscience or nanotechnology, economic modeling or environmentalism, art history or entrepreneurship, we can help you get there!