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University of Rochester

We pride ourselves on the wise and caring support that we offer to families and students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, and with very diverse personal and educational goals. Though many of our counselors’ professional experiences have been at highly-selective high schools and universities, our students consider a broad range of institutions.

We have extensive experience with:

  • American and international students who attend a wide range of secondary school systems

  • Students who have exceptional abilities – either academic or extracurricular

  • Students with learning differences or who have faced personal challenges

  • Student-athletes who wish to pursue athletics at school or college

  • Home-schooled students or students with alternative learning experiences

  • Students who need encouragement to bring out their personal best

What our students have in common by the time they enter their chosen high school or college is a clarity of purpose and a sense of satisfaction in having found a match between their educational experience and their own character.

CollegeGoals students come from the following countries:

I also really admired how you worked with him on his writing. You did a masterful job brainstorming his topics and teasing out the important parts of his story. I liked the way that you guided him while still making sure that the writing was his own. Thank you!

Hawaii, USA

By virtue of our advanced degrees, we thought initially that we were qualified to guide our daughter through the college admission process. In short, we were wrong.

You quickly connected with our son in a way that any kid would consider “cool.” That single, first conversation set the entire tone for our son’s approach to boarding school. Your ability to understand his issues, feelings and hopes was what made your recommendations so meaningful. Boarding school has changed the trajectory of our son’s life.
Parent, California
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