About Us

College Goals is a private consulting practice with a wealth of experience in supporting and motivating young people towards setting goals and achieving success as they prepare for their higher education experience. We are committed to serving students and families from all parts of the world and all kinds of educational backgrounds who are primarily interested in pursuing opportunities for higher education in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada as well as English-medium institutions elsewhere.

Placement in the schools, colleges and universities that are right for them is what makes students succeed in their academic studies and blossom into confident, responsible adults. However, the challenge of searching for the ‘right’ institutions to which to apply and the complexities of the actual application process can be daunting for many young people and their families.

College Goals is a team of highly experienced colleagues with expertise in every facet of the college search and application process for domestic, international and homeschooled students. At College Goals, we help students identify their passions and refine their goals, then forge the commitment and the tools they need to meet their personal objectives.

College Goals was founded in 2003 by Joyce Reed, a former Associate Dean of the College at Brown University, where she had fourteen years of personal experience counseling students from around the globe with diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and educational backgrounds. Her satisfaction came from guiding students through developing and achieving their highest academic and personal ambitions, whether they had attended public or private schools, local or international schools, or had learned independently at home.

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