College Goals offers the unusual breadth and diversity of experience in a team of expert counselors with international backgrounds who have worked for decades in university administration and selective secondary school administration, with a focus on college and school admission to distinguished institutions in the US.

Our counselors and our client families are supported by our Director of Communications, who knows and provides counselors, students and their families with research and relevant information, and by the wisdom of an experienced educator who represent College Goals in Paris.

With offices in multiple time zones, we utilize various forms of technology to be globally accessible for timely interaction with our students and parents.

For three decades, we have been mentoring, motivating and celebrating students. We enjoy young people – their energy, their courage, and their dreams. We provide comprehensive advice on every aspect of the admission process to US, UK, Canadian and other English-medium universities, and to selective American secondary schools. Most importantly, as counselors we focus not only on admission, but also on preparing our students for academic and personal success.

College Goals has been an invaluable asset to our family, and the attentiveness and responsiveness to our every question and concern has been lifesaving during this stressful period.