Carolyn Stewart, Director of Communications

Qualifications and Experience

  • 8 years experience with College Goals
  • essay-writing coach
  • parent of 2 college graduates
  • 20 years as environmental planner
  • undergraduate degree: Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
  • graduate degree: University of Washington, School of Marine Affairs

As an American who grew up abroad, I understand the advantages and difficulties of being a “Third Culture Kid.”  After growing up in the Middle East, fluent in three languages and surrounded by people from every corner of the world, it was a shock to return to my “home” country and have to adapt to a culture that was foreign to me.  This experience gives me a great appreciation for both the benefits and challenges of students – whether Third Culture Kids or foreign nationals – who seek to pursue their undergraduate education in the US, and I enjoy interacting with both our American and international students and families.

I have an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a master’s degree from the University of Washington School of Marine Affairs.  I worked for 20 years as a coastal and marine resources planner for international agencies, foreign governments, Hawaii state government, and non-governmental organizations, with an emphasis on polluted runoff control and watershed management.

As the mother of 2 highly successful students – a son who graduated from Wesleyan University in 2016 and is now pursuing a PhD in Planetary Science at Brown University, and a daughter who graduated from Tufts University in 2019 and is now working in public health – I have first-hand experience with the college search and application process today (which is very different from what I experienced 35 years ago!).  I also have first-hand experience working with College Goals, whose counselors helped both my children find universities that are a “good fit” for them academically and socially.

As Director of Communications for College Goals, I have the privilege of sending our clients regular newsletters, articles and other information relevant to the whole college admissions process; maintaining our Facebook page; updating our website; and providing technical support on CollegePlannerPro.  In addition, I enjoy consulting with students during their college application and essay-writing process.  I also help research programs and opportunities for students, as well as tools to help make their high school and college experiences successful.  I periodically write articles based on my family’s experience with all aspects of the application process.  I strongly believe that with timely information, essential tools, and knowledgeable personal support, students and parents can smoothly navigate the otherwise daunting college search and application process.

The qualities that I love most about you in your role guiding our son are your understanding of him as a person, your care for him and your patience and wisdom in working with him. He really enjoys you as a person, which is absolutely critical in spending so much time together and also in seeking guidance. He would often tell me, “I’m going to ask Carolyn.” I loved how he sought out your advice each step of the way…certainly he valued your input.

Hawaii, USA