College and University Admission Counseling

We offer a single-fee, fully comprehensive consulting program through which you receive College Goals’ extensive college admissions support on every aspect of the university admission process. This program is offered to students who begin to work with us in 10th or 11th grade, or their international equivalents.

We provide advice on:

  • High school course selection, extracurricular activities, and summer planning

  • Campus visits and outreach to colleges

  • Standardized testing

  • Developing a balanced college list

  • All aspects of the college application process, including application strategy, letters of recommendation, activities list, essays and personal statements, and financial aid

  • Evaluating and choosing wisely among the offers from colleges and universities

We give our students access to online resources, including CollegePlannerPro and College Kickstart.

20-Hour College Admission Counseling Option

For students who come to us late in junior year, or who wish to work with us on specific aspects of the application process instead of taking a comprehensive approach, we offer a limited 20-hour counseling option.

Students enrolled in our 20-hour option receive support through the process of choosing colleges and universities and preparing the applications for up to 10 appropriate institutions but without the more extensive counseling of our fully comprehensive program. Students may choose to use their 20 hours to address any or all aspects of the application process, as time allows, or they may focus on specific areas such as college research and selection, or essay support and review.

5-Hour Admission Counseling Option

This option is available to families seeking help with education planning or with specific admission issues, such as:

  • Research regarding selection of colleges to which to apply, including special interest programs, or

  • Essay support and review, or

  • Guidance on standardized test preparation, score reporting, and test-optional colleges, or

  • Assessment for potential athletic recruitment, or

  • Guidance on preparation of transfer applications

Comprehensive Admission Counseling for Student-Athletes

For students who participate in sports at a high level and hope to be recruited for varsity athletics at a college or university, we offer a specialized and comprehensive program to guide the student through the college athletic recruitment process in addition to the college search and application process.

In addition to our regular comprehensive consulting plan, this option includes guidance from a highly-experienced student-athlete specialist on how to navigate the often-complicated recruitment process; how to identify colleges and athletic programs appropriate for an athlete’s aspirations and skills; how to approach coaches; how to navigate athletic financial aid; and how to manage the specific protocols of college athletic organizations (NCAA, NAIA and/or NJCAA).

Your student will work with one personal counselor, and while we focus on our students, we are also warmly welcoming to communications with parents, for we understand their concerns. Our counselors also conference regularly to pool our collective experience of the admissions process, while adhering to strict professional standards of confidentiality and discretion.

Please note that College Goals cannot guarantee admission to any specific college or university.

College Goals does not function as an agent for or receive payment from any institutions. We work on behalf of our clients only.
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Hawaii, USA

I also really admired how you worked with him on his writing. You did a masterful job brainstorming his topics and teasing out the important parts of his story. I liked the way that you guided him while still making sure that the writing was his own. Thank you!

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Paris, France

This has made me confident in my choices and therefore, more active and assertive in the demanding college application process. You have been, for me, a pillar of support and guidance.

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By virtue of our advanced degrees, we thought initially that we were qualified to guide our daughter through the college admission process. In short, we were wrong.

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