In short, this has been a terrific decision to work with Krista and I cannot imagine going through this process without her.  To say that Krista has a wealth of information regarding boarding schools would be an understatement.  Boarding schools are literally part of her family’s fiber and it is such an asset to be able to work with her.

Parent, Texas
I think it is worth sharing that EVERY time my wife and I conclude our meetings with Krista we both look at each other and smile.  There is a sense of calm and confidence that she has that makes us feel that things are going to work out and be fine.  And that means a lot.

Parent, Texas
Andrea, you set him up to have a successful college application process by making sure he was thoughtful in his approach to picking colleges that fit him, and saw to every detail.  The fact that he was accepted is just the culmination of all the hard work you inspired him to complete - thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Thank you for being his sounding board, his guide and his inspiration throughout the entire college application process.

California, USA