Educational Counseling for Ages 12-15

Middle school and early high school students – and their parents – can benefit from the guidance of a College Goals’ counselor to help them understand themselves as students and learners. Our experienced counselors can help give your student a head start on exploring their academic and extracurricular interests, and identifying educational goals – foundational to developing a strong applicant profile for future educational pursuits.

This service option addresses the following questions that we’ve been hearing from parents. How can I encourage and feed my child’s curiosity? How can I help my student transition successfully from middle school to high school? How can my 8th, 9th or 10th grader position themself – academically, personally, and with satisfying, stimulating activities – for future educational success, both in high school and college? What strategies should we consider for our middle school child who is on an accelerated or gifted educational path? What pathways are available for our student who is facing special challenges or circumstances?

This renewable 10-hour option is for students in the 8th grade through the middle of sophomore year of high school.

Our support to students and their parents may focus on one or more of the following topics:

  • Intellectual curiosities and ways to further explore ideas and deepen interests
  • Identifying and developing academic and extracurricular interests
  • Academic goal setting
  • Curriculum options and selection
  • Enrichment programs and summer opportunities
  • Self-knowledge and the importance of reflection on issues such as managing time and the stress of school
  • Introduction to the language and spectrum of higher education options

Please note that College Goals cannot guarantee admission to any specific school.

College Goals does not function as an agent for or receive payment from any institutions. We work on behalf of our clients only.

We weren’t sure what to expect, or what we really needed, from an educational consultant. We interviewed a few people but it was Krista Peterson who made clear how invaluable her services would be. Most importantly, Krista immediately put our whole family at ease.

– Parent, California