Transfer Students

For college students who wish to transfer from their current institution to another college or university, we guide the student through the university search and application process.

  • We guide our transfer students through the process of choosing colleges and universities, and preparing transfer applications for up to eight appropriate institutions.
  • We help students develop a realistic admissions plan and develop meaningful contacts with the institutions to which they may apply.
  • We counsel students on obtaining strong recommendations, and on preparing dynamic transfer application essays and resumes.
  • When admissions decisions are announced, we help the students evaluate their admission offers and make wise transfer decisions.

Transfer students can select a 4-hour or 20-hour counseling option, as appropriate.

I am graduating this May and will have a degree in Political Science and a minor in History.  I have been nominated for the Honor Societies of the two departments …. with a cum laude moniker on my diploma.  Thank you so much for having faith in me.