For students who wish to participate in varsity athletics at a college or university, we offer a specialized and fully comprehensive program to help guide the student through the college athletic recruitment process in addition to the full college search and application process.

Outstanding athletes, both American and international, face a difficult dilemma as they consider the end of their high school athletic careers. The student-athlete comprehensive plan is for students who want to assess opportunities to obtain an exceptional education while continuing to compete at a high level in their sport.

Athletic recruitment may hold the potential for athletic scholarships or may simply facilitate the student-athlete’s admission to selective colleges and merit financial aid, where it is available. In addition to our regular comprehensive consulting plan, this student-athlete option includes guidance on how to navigate the often-complicated recruitment process; how to identify colleges and athletic programs appropriate for an athlete’s aspirations and skills; how to approach and begin a conversation with coaches; and how to manage the very specific protocols of the various college athletic organizations (NCAA, NAIA and/or NJCAA).

This comprehensive program provides experienced, specialized counseling aimed at athletic recruitment, in addition to the academic college counseling support and guidance that is the hallmark of all our work with students. The goal is to empower families with knowledge and a proactive, comprehensive game plan to maximize opportunities for student-athletes.

I attended your athlete seminar last night. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the information and complimenting you on the presentation. It was very well done.

NJ Father