We offer a single-fee, fully comprehensive consulting program through which you receive College Goals’ most extensive college admissions support. This program is offered to students who begin to work with us in 10th or 11th grade, or their international equivalents.

The longer your counselor works with your student, the better we are able to help your child to develop and articulate their individual and unique abilities and goals, and thus to create an effective college or university application.

The full service option includes:

  • A realistic, personalized admissions plan, including information about application deadlines, recommendations, essays, and a schedule for preparing for and taking all required tests
  • A regular schedule of phone/Skype or in-person conferences (We are, of course, always available by email)
  • Guidance for the family’s plans for campus visits to institutions appropriate to the student’s academic and personal strengths, goals and dreams
  • Counsel for students through the writing process towards creating compelling application essays
  • Counsel for students on how to obtain excellent recommendations and how to prepare dynamic resumes
  • Student access to the best online tools for researching colleges and exchanging information with us interactively through CollegePlannerPro
  • Guidance in developing summer opportunities and extra-curricular activities that will strengthen the student’s application profile
  • Assistance to the student in demonstrating interest and developing appropriate contacts with colleges
  • When students receive their admission results, guide them and their families to determine the best opportunities and to choose wisely among the offers from institutions

I always felt able to call or email her with questions and we felt very involved in the whole process.  However, we loved the way that the main focus was definitely our daughter as that gave her enormous confidence being in the driving seat.  She always emerged from her room glowing and ready to get going again, after one of your calls.  What a relief for us!

- Paris, France