We are pleased to share with you articles that College Goals’ counselors have written that are relevant to students and their families who are involved in the college search and application process.

The Successful College Student

For more than a dozen years, I was an academic dean at a highly selective Ivy League college. During that time, I talked with some truly awesome students – young people who were busy doing research with faculty and co-publishing their findings; who were writing, directing and producing their own plays; who were running for […]

Why Choose College Goals?

Why choose College Goals to guide your child and you through the critically important challenge of preparing for and gaining admission to college? You will benefit from the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom gained from professionals who are familiar with every aspect of the admissions process and its significance for academic success. While you work […]

What You REALLY Want to Know about Colleges?

Visiting a college campus can be overwhelming. By the time you (and your parent) sink back into your car, do you feel you know more? Or are you more confused? Try to ‘do your homework’ on some of these issues before (and after!) you schedule your trip! Below is a list of campus options and […]


What is an interview? We go through our lives interviewing and being interviewed every day. An interview is basically an encounter in which two people, who may not know anything about each other, are consciously working to form an impression of the other. Thus, many of your daily interactions and conversations could be considered ‘interviews’. […]

Campus Visits

Campus Visits

How to prepare for your visit? Timing: Search every school’s website, sooner rather than later, to see whether you have to sign up for a tour and an information session, and whether or not on-campus interviews are available. Preparation: The more you have researched a college before you arrive on campus, the more you will […]