Introducing New College Goals’ Counselors

Are your family or friends just realizing how badly they need guidance through their child’s college search and application process . . . especially this summer? Do they understand the options/challenges of ED, EA, RD and rolling applications, and their deadlines?? Is their student struggling with the essays?

It is with great pleasure, and pride, that we share College Goals’ GOOD NEWS with you! Those of you whose children worked with her will be particularly delighted to know that after a hiatus of almost three years, Jilly Warner has returned to us, with her customary dedication to her students, and her renowned excellence in essay coaching!

You already know how serious all members of the College Goals team are about our commitment to and candor with our students . . . and families . . . which, we believe, is why our student rosters always fill, usually by mid-year of students’ sophomore year. And you keep sending us more of your friends and family! We maintain our commitment to having each of our client families supported by the PERSONAL focus and communication of ONE dedicated counselor through every step of the application process.

So it is with equal delight that we announce that the College Goals team welcomes a new but equally expert/experienced member who still has room on her student roster to accept rising seniors, juniors and sophomores. Brooke Libby has all the qualities as well as qualifications that College Goals requires of our group (and has been Director of College Counseling for 15 years at an excellent private school in Maine) . . . and she has room to accept new applicants! Brooke comes to us through the personal introduction of one of our group members. Her level of professional experience belies any need for support, but, as with all our counselors, Brooke will be backed by the dynamic College Goals’ team collaboration and by our wealth of shared resources.

We look forward to accepting and guiding the students (and families) you send our way!