College Goals Presentations in London and Paris – March 2019

It’s that time of year again! College Goals’ university admission counsellor Andrea van Niekerk will travel to London and Paris in March to offer presentations about the American university admission process, with special attention to how to develop a strong US university application.

Given the demands of the American university application process, students interested in pursuing higher education in the US are well advised to begin preparing early in their high school career, even before completing GCSEs or before the final two years of study toward the French bac or IB. What do families need to know for their students to be successful and satisfied by the university search and application process? How do students produce a strong and interesting US university application? We will address questions about applications to colleges and universities in the US, UK, and Canada.

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Andrea van Niekerk served for a decade as Associate Director of Admission, with a focus on international applicants, and as Freshman Academic Adviser at Brown University, and as Residential Fellow in a dorm at Stanford. Still based in Silicon Valley, she now works with both American and international families as part of College Goals. Andrea has had 20 years of experience in college admission and academic advising. She is a member of NACAC, HECA and WACAC.

Given how late international students frequently approach the American application process, we particularly urge families with students in Years 10 or 11, Troisième or Seconde, or Grades 9 or 10 to attend one of these sessions and to begin thoughtful and informed consideration of their higher education options now, prior to when their student starts A-Levels, Pre-Us, French BAC or IB coursework.