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A Message to High School Students During This Covid-19 Summer

2020 has been a year of upheaval thus far! There have been many things that are out of your control: remote school, cancelled extracurricular activities, social distancing requirements, cancelled standardized tests, and a significant reduction in in-person summer opportunities. Remember that colleges will understand that these things were out of your control! Admission officers will […]

Waitlist Wisdom

From the Desk of Andrea van Niekerk, College Admission Counselor….. It used to be that at the end of each application season students got thick envelopes that signaled their acceptances, or thin envelopes that dashed their hopes. With most decisions now online, there is less warning of what to expect on notification day. But whether […]

Announcing Karen Wehr, New College Goals’ Counselor

COLLEGE GOALS is pleased and proud to announce that Karen Wehr has joined our team of dedicated higher education counselors and is already accepting students and families into her counseling practice. Karen brings with her seven years of admission counseling experience at Brown University, where she worked in the Alumni College Advising program, which has […]

High School Course Selection

From the Desk of Andrea van Niekerk, College Admission Counselor….. As an admission officer at a very selective college, perhaps the most common question I had to field was this: “Will colleges care more about my grades or about the rigor of my course load?” At colleges such as Brown, with ludicrously low admit rates, […]

Going Off to College

With no test preparation, college applications or school schedules to worry about, the summer after senior year is a wonderful moment of liberation! Thinking about the adventure ahead fills students – and their parents – with excitement and joy, but also more than a twinge of anxiety! What follows, therefore, are a few pointers to […]

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