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Dreams deferred: some comments on being deferred in the early application season

by Andrea van Niekerk PART 1: Why do schools defer students? Most American colleges and universities these days offer students the opportunity to apply early.  Some schools may demand an early commitment, others may merely wish to gauge interest, but all early programs give students the chance to tell a school how much they would […]

Tips on Visiting Colleges

I am currently accompanying my daughter Maia, a rising senior, on a tour of colleges and universities on the East Coast. We are finding that these college visits are essential to helping her get a sense of what she likes, and doesn’t like, in a college environment, and to knowing more clearly about the programs […]

CollegeBoard’s New SAT

As many of you have heard, CollegeBoard announced in March that it is in the process of redesigning the SAT. Sophomores and Juniors – the good news for you is that the new changes will not go into effect until Spring 2016, so you are NOT affected by this news! For younger students, you will […]

On Writing an Ivy League Admissions Essay

These days, students applying to Ivy schools find themselves having to wade through a dense morass of conflicting advice about admission. With Harvard, Princeton and Yale denying far more valedictorians than they accept, many students are coming to the disquieting realization that overwhelming academic achievement and stratospheric scores may be not enough. Hence, the hope […]

Notes for Families who are Applying for Financial Aid

by Carolyn Stewart, Director of Communications, College Goals, LLC FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.”  Completing the FAFSA online is the first step that students and families must take toward receiving financial aid for college, career school, or graduate school. There is no income cut-off to qualify for federal student aid. Therefore, […]

ACT to Move Toward Computer-Based Testing

A very interesting article from the New York Times, dated May 7, 2013……. ACT to Move Toward Computer-Based Testing By TAMAR LEWIN High school students will take the ACT college admissions exam by computer starting in the spring of 2015 — but at least for a while, the paper and pencil version will be available, […]