CollegeBoard’s New SAT

As many of you have heard, CollegeBoard announced in March that it is in the process of redesigning the SAT.

Sophomores and Juniors – the good news for you is that the new changes will not go into effect until Spring 2016, so you are NOT affected by this news!

For younger students, you will be preparing for a different SAT than is currently offered!  Here are links to some articles about the anticipated changes to the SAT.  CollegeBoard will make an announcement on April 16 that will give everyone a much clearer look at the new format.

Visit the following site to check out a side-by-side comparison of the current and redesigned SATs and to sign up for updates about the redesigned SAT:

And, as the new format becomes more clear, the test preparation industry will be working to respond by quickly developing new test prep materials.  In addition, the CollegeBoard will be working with the non-profit Khan Academy to expand its range of free SAT study materials.