Mini Package (5-Hour) Secondary School Admission Counseling Option

Your student and family will work with Krista Peterson, who has 30 years of experience in selective secondary school admission.

This 5-hour option is available to families seeking help with developing a secondary school list for their child, and includes:

  • In person or teleconference meeting with parents to learn about their child.
  • In person or teleconference meeting with student.
  • Review of school records.
  • Create a list of target schools based on the above information.

The mini package is also available for families seeking assistance with:

  • Specialized learning programs (post-graduate (PG), gap year, or high school semester) selection, planning, and application.
  • Services specially-tailored to specific situations – mid-year placement, disciplinary situations, crisis advising, recommendations on therapeutic programs, etc.
  • High school course selection or summer planning.

This package is renewable once upon request by the family and at the discretion of the counselor.

There is a lot to process and assimilate in this boarding school application process because at the end of the day the parents are still ‘driving the boat’ which can be a lot different than college. The application process is also unique because each year of applying to high school has its own unique differences – applying as a freshman is totally different than applying as a Junior. Krista has been terrific about meeting routinely. She has been able to give us feedback on our son’s various interviews and has helped provide a framework of schools that he can realistically have a chance of being accepted.

– Parent, USA