Comprehensive Secondary School Admission Counseling

We offer a single-fee, fully comprehensive consulting program through which students and their families receive extensive College Goals’ guidance and support until they enter secondary school. Your student and family will work with Krista Peterson, who has 30 years of experience in selective secondary school admission.

This option includes:

  • In person or teleconference meeting with parents to learn about their child.
  • In person or teleconference meeting with student to discuss interests, strengths, challenges.
  • Review of school records.
  • Create a list of target schools based on the above information.
  • Create a timeline of events and action steps in the admissions process.
  • Help family develop an admissions test taking and prep strategy and connect with reputable tutoring companies (if needed or desired).
  • Advice regarding a schedule for preparing for and taking ISEE or SSAT tests.
  • Interview preparation for student. (2 sessions)
  • Meet with family as and when new data develops (fall grades, comments, test scores, school visits) and reevaluate school list.
  • Provide guidance with school applications and strategy around the process.
  • Contact admission officers to advocate for student.
  • Assist family with school decisions when “results” are in.
  • Supply ample meeting time and phone/email support to family and student.
  • Provide a nurturing and positive system of support throughout this process.
  • Support and advise during the opening month of the new school year as the student transitions to his/her new school community.

In short, this has been a terrific decision to work with Krista and I cannot imagine going through this process without her. To say that Krista has a wealth of information regarding boarding schools would be an understatement. Boarding schools are literally part of her family’s fiber and it is such an asset to be able to work with her.

– Parent, Texas