Selective Boarding and Day High School Admission Counseling

We offer the comprehensive, strategic and caring counsel of a highly-experienced admission advisor to families who are selecting and applying to appropriate target high schools for their student(s) – private, public, day schools, boarding schools.

Your student and family will work with Krista Peterson, who has 30 years of experience in selective boarding and day school admission. We accept a limited number of client families so that we are accessible and available to provide our students and parents with expert information, experience, guidance and support.

We use email, phone, and other technologies, such as Zoom, to provide easy access and rapid response to our students and parents. We adhere to strictly professional standards of confidentiality and discretion.

Comprehensive Boarding and Day High School Admission Counseling

We offer a single-fee, fully comprehensive consulting program through which students and their families receive extensive College Goals’ guidance and support through the entire admission process.

This option includes:

  • Regular meetings with parents and student
  • Review of school records
  • List of realistic target schools
  • Timeline of events and action steps in the admissions process
  • Advice on admission test-taking and prep strategies and schedule
  • Guidance with school applications, and essay coaching
  • Interview preparation for student
  • Contact with admission officers to advocate for student
  • Advice on evaluating and choosing among offers, and support during the opening month of the new school year as the student transitions to new school community

Limited Boarding and Day High School Admission Counseling

Students enrolled in our limited option receive support through the complex, confusing and often stressful process of choosing schools and preparing the applications, but without the more extensive counseling of our fully comprehensive program.

Families may choose to use this option to address any or all aspects of the application process, as time allows, or they may focus on specific areas such as school research and selection, or essay support and review. 

Boarding and Day High School Admission Counseling Mini Package

This 5-hour option is available to families seeking help with education planning or with specific admission issues, including:

  • List of target schools appropriate for student, or
  • Specialized learning programs (post-graduate (PG), gap year, or high school semester) selection, planning, and application, or
  • Services specially-tailored to specific situations – mid-year placement, disciplinary situations, crisis advising, recommendations on therapeutic programs, etc., or
  • High school course selection or summer planning

Please note that College Goals cannot guarantee admission to any specific school.

College Goals does not function as an agent for or receive payment from any institutions. We work on behalf of our clients only.

We weren’t sure what to expect, or what we really needed, from an educational consultant. We interviewed a few people but it was Krista Peterson who made clear how invaluable her services would be. Most importantly, Krista immediately put our whole family at ease.

– Parent, California