20-Hour College Admission Counseling Option

For students who come to us late in junior year, or who wish to work with us on specific aspects of the application process instead of taking a comprehensive approach, we offer a limited 20-hour counseling option.

The 20-hour option is also available to students seeking to prepare transfer applications.

Students enrolled in our 20-hour option receive support through the process of choosing colleges and universities and preparing the applications for up to 10 appropriate institutions but without the more extensive counseling of our fully comprehensive program. Students may choose to use their 20 hours to address any or all aspects of the application process, as time allows, or they may focus on specific areas such as college research and selection, or essay support and review.

Students opting for the 20-hour program will receive access to our online platform, CollegePlannerPro (CPP), to help them organize and access information about all aspects of the college application process: researching colleges, using standardized test scores and GPA to assess realistic chances of acceptance at each institution and tracking college application tasks and deadlines.

Students will also be allowed to renew the 20-hour option or add additional hours as needed through our 5-hour option. The 20-hour option is restricted to one application season.

Having had an older daughter who already applied to university, I thought I knew quite a bit about applying to universities and was astonished at how much insight you were able to provide.

– Switzerland