Our Students

Though much of our counselors’ professional experience has been at Ivy institutions, most of our students are looking at a broad range of institutions.  We are knowledgeable about hundreds of US colleges and universities across the nation, their qualities and personalities, and their areas of academic, artistic and athletic strength.  We are also well-informed about universities in the UK and elsewhere.  We pride ourselves on the wise and caring support that we offer to families and students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, and with very diverse personal and educational goals.

We have extensive experience with:

  • American and international students with distinctive and differing goals, skills, talents and needs
  • students who have exceptional academic or personal interests and ability, or who have faced challenges of various kinds
  • student-athletes who wish to pursue athletics in college
  • home-schooled students or students with alternative learning experiences
  • students who just need encouragement to bring out their personal best

What our students have in common by the time they enter college is a clarity of purpose and a sense of satisfaction in having found a match between the character of their chosen college and their own.

Can I just take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me, both with my supplements and all of the other outside guidance you have given me.  I couldn’t have gone through this process without you.