Why Use College Goals?

The best reason for you to use the services of a private college admissions consultant is that your consultant’s only goal is YOUR child’s success. Their focus is not on the statistics that give status to the private or public institutions for which most guidance and college counselors work.

Moreover, your consultant is aware of the colleges’ and universities’ goals of finding the most compelling mix of students for their admitted class, and can help your child think through their own gifts and strengths to both find a good fit and then communicate that fit to the college.

College is an investment for a lifetime. You know how important it is, and that is why you are considering turning to a private consultant. Frankly, as a former Ivy League dean, I would have to say that the college experience is even more significant – and more challenging – than the most over-anxious pre-college student or their parents can imagine. Yet the issues that are important and ultimately determine a successful and meaningful educational experience are OFTEN not the things that are seen or considered prior to going to college.

The right counseling relationship strengthens a young person’s academic, social and personal skills. It also boosts initiative, self-confidence and self-reliance.

Think of this: the highest achievers in almost any area of performance use professional guidance and support every step of the way. Tennis or golf pros have private coaches; professional actors, opera stars or pianists have private coaches; the best dancers or teachers or doctors take classes or have private counseling. Even in the business world, professional mentoring and personal coaching for excellence are recognized as highly effective and often definitive tools for success.

At College Goals, we know the challenges, and we know what makes a candidate attractive to a college and likely to succeed there, so we help our students (and families) prepare and avoid panic.

Success and satisfaction start with being willing to seek the right help.

She guided us through the whole process, trying never to overwhelm us (because this process is overwhelming, at least for me).  She nudged us along through each step and deadline and helped us make the right decisions.  She is so open and approachable and she made herself accessible to both my daughter and me.

- Venice, Italy