JILLY WARNER, College Admission Counselor

Qualifications and Experience

  • 13 years experience in college admissions; special focus on international admissions
  • Former Coordinator of International Admissions, The University of Vermont
  • Emphasis on international, transfer and non-traditional applicants
  • Parent of 3 college graduates

I was born and raised in England, and educated in London and Paris. Diploma in hand from the Institut Francais du Royaume-Uni, I lived, worked and continued my studies in Vienna, Austria, adding German and a little Russian to my language skills.   During my employment at the International Atomic Energy Agency, I met many Americans who inspired me to undertake some extensive travel in the US and during one such trip, I made the decision to stay and have subsequently made the United States my home.

After working in a school library for several years, I joined the Admissions Office of a flagship research university in 2000. Whilst at the University of Vermont, I received specialized training in serving the needs of both transfer and non-traditional applicants. As a member of several professional organizations including NAFSA, NACAC and OACAC, I participated in professional development conferences at the regional, national and international level. Being part of the college admission profession for such a long time, I have visited many schools and colleges, have colleagues at many other institutions around the country and have worked with guidance counselors at many secondary schools in the US and around the world. International application review was a major part of my role for almost a decade, and during my final 5 years at UVM, I served as the Coordinator of International Admissions, working primarily with international students, while maintaining my support and guidance for domestic students from all parts of the US. Over the years, I have also participated in many conferences and workshops designed to enhance my knowledge of international academic credentials, the rich variety of domestic educational systems and undergraduate admissions. I have travelled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia, and have read hundreds of applications from both domestic and international applicants.

I bring a particular passion for helping students and their families select the most appropriate institution of higher education. As the first in my own family to go to college, I bring a strong voice of support and kindness, while fully understanding that the college search process can be overwhelming and confusing. I also have a particular understanding for the challenges of applying to a US university when living in and attending secondary school in another country. Now, as a private counselor, I offer my more than 15 years of experience in the college application and admissions process, taking enormous joy in serving the needs of both domestic and international students. Having watched my own three daughters graduate from outstanding universities, I also bring a deep understanding for the questions and concerns that parents have throughout the process…I have walked in your shoes!

My job is to help you all make the best choice, understanding that your new college will become your new ‘home away from home’. I want to help you make that choice, providing you with solid information and guidance throughout the process, helping you select your area of study and supporting you and your family every step of the way.

Jilly’s experience and understanding of the English and European environments have allowed her to measure up our son’s potential as a US college candidate, to support him through the challenges of applying to UK and US universities simultaneously, and to translate his achievements and aspirations into a language that was both his and that of his audiences.  Jilly’s deep knowledge of the university application process is matched by her passion to support applicants, and she showed an incredible level of persistence, patience and sensitivity in her interactions with our son.

- UK