Our goal is to empower families with knowledge and a proactive comprehensive game plan to maximize opportunities for student-athletes. Remember, if you are not a heavily recruited Division I or II “Special Talents” athlete, just meeting minimum eligibility requirements may not get you admitted to the school of your choice. If we can assist in getting you recruited to a DI or DII school … athletic scholarships may a possibility. In these rare cases, we will assist you with understanding options. However, the key is to let your athletic ability help with admissions into the college of your choice. For example, DIII student-athletes receive no athletic aid, but could receive a boost with admissions. If you meet the colleges’ basic admissions criteria, college coaches can help you get admitted. Very few athletes have colleges begging for their services. Student athletes can put themselves in a favorable position by doing well academically in high school, so that we can help you get recruited.

We provide the following services to prospective college athletes in addition to our general consulting services:

  • Counseling on how to leverage being a student-athlete in the admissions process
  • Initial academic and athletic evaluation
  • Begin process of evaluating appropriateness of DI, DII, and/or DIII
  • Development of list of colleges and their athletic programs based upon fit
  • Emphasis on the student-athlete and building an educational foundation
  • Strategies on how to get recruited
  • Identifying options on how to attract the attention of college coaches
  • Help in creating a college coach contact list
  • Preparing parent(s) and student-athlete for contacts, unofficial and official visits
  • Understanding recruiting procedures
  • Help with initial correspondence with college coaches
  • Reviewing and editing ongoing communication with coaches
  • Guidance with registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Guidance and suggestions for building a strong recruiting video and website
  • Choosing effective camps, tournaments and showcases to attend
  • Detailed preparation for campus visits
  • Guidance in navigating DIII, Ivy League and select, non-scholarship admissions
  • Assistance with athletic scholarships
  • Requesting financial aid pre-reads and negotiating financial aid packages
  • Establishing clear points of reference in your current plan and offering simplified strategies to help you build momentum
  • Preparation for campus visits and meetings with coaches
  • Comparing top college programs
  • Preparing athletic resumes
  • Guidance on NCAA rules related to recruiting
  • Counseling on athletic videos
  • Guidance on maneuvering through the system
  • Assistance with evaluating programs to which the student has been accepted

I attended your athlete seminar last night. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the information and complimenting you on the presentation. It was very well done.

NJ Father