College Goals is Traveling to the UK and Europe!

Joyce Reed, founder of College Goals, and Andrea van Niekerk, College Goals’ university admission counselor, will be traveling to the UK and Europe in March. They will offer overview presentations regarding university admission processes for students and parents who are considering US as well as UK university enrollment.

Both counselors spent over a decade in high-ranking positions at a selective American university: Joyce Reed as Associate Dean of The College at Brown University and Andrea van Niekerk as Associate Director of Admission and freshman academic advisor also at Brown University. Now, through College Goals, they help students identify appropriate institutions and create successful applications to institutions in the US, UK and Canada.

Our colleague, Jilly Warner, will be returning to the UK and Europe in the autumn to give presentations and meet with clients and prospective families. Jilly was born, raised and educated in the UK, France and Austria, and has over a decade of university-based experience directing international admissions at the University of Vermont, before becoming an independent college counselor with College Goals. She now works with domestic and international students from many parts of the world.

Given how late international students frequently approach the American application process, we particularly urge families with students in Years 10 or 11, Troisième or Seconde, or Grades 9 or 10 to attend one of these sessions and to begin thoughtful and informed consideration of their higher education options now, prior to when their student starts A-Levels, Pre-Us, French BAC or IB coursework.

The presentations in March will answer the following questions: what do families need to know for success in the university search and application process? How can students prepare for their required standardized tests and do their best on the applications? How do you make all your preparations come together in a strong US university application?

London 2016        Paris 2016

There will also be opportunities to meet privately with Joyce or Andrea in London or in Paris. Joyce will also be travelling to Zurich to meet with families.

All events are free of charge.